Martin Luther King Social Action Committee, Inc

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 MLK-SAC Awards Ceremony - Sunday July 17, 2016

The Martin Luther King Social Action Committee held Awards Day Ceremony on Sunday, July 17, 2016.  (L-R) Dr. George B. Jackson, MLK-SAC Chairman, Carla Beachem received $2,250 (2015 placed 2nd and 2016 placed 5th - will be attending NC Chapel Hill August, 2016); Joshua Jones received $2,200 (2015 placed 5th and 2016 placed 2nd - will be attending Morehouse College August, 2016); Chryshel Munday received $250 (2015 placed 9th - will be attending NC Chapel Hill August, 2016).  We also gave out $3,300 to 4 students that could not attend the ceremony.

                2016 MLK Oratorical contest winners


2016 1st Place Winner, Alexis B. Terry, Jr., a junior Lincoln Charter School, Charlotte, NC, receives the Dr. William T. Jackson, Sr. Memorial Scholarship. 

2016 MLK Oratorical Contest Participants

MLK-SAC announces 2017 Service Awards Recipients

Dr. George B. Jackson walk on Selma

Dr. George B. Jackson with Police Chief Ensley

We can't just talk about it but we must be about "Social Action for Social Change" - Chairman George B. Jackson, Pamela Jackson, Martin Jackson, and Jacquez Johnson travels to Washington, DC with the North Carolina, NAACP to protest on voter rights and equality.

Martin Jackson, Ben Jealous, and JacQuez Johnson

Dick Gregory, Pamela Jackson, and Mark Thompson