Martin Luther King Social Action Committee, Inc

MLK-SAC distributes $11,150 in scholarship funds to graduating seniors July 15, 2018

Students (juniors and seniors) participate in the MLK Oratorical contest the 3rd Saturday in January each year.  Seniors received $11,150 in award monies in an award ceremony on Sunday, July 15, 2018.

Picture L-R) - Dr. Pamela S. Jackson, Dean of Students; Diamond Colson-2018-10th Place $300~George Burton Memorial Scholarship Award; Martin Jackson-2017-1st Place $2500~Dr. W. T. Jackson Memorial Scholarship and 2018-1st Place $3000~Dr. W. T. Jackson Memorial Scholarship; Olivia Jones-2017-5th Place $750~Ebony Alpha Ebony Service; Organization Scholarship and 2018-3rd Place $2000~Dr. J Ray Butler Memorial Scholarship; Michael Salgado-2018-7th Place $500~Rebecca C. Patterson Memorial Scholarship; Camille Simmons-2017-7th Place $500~Johnny Parker Stanfield Memorial Scholarship and 2018-6th Place $750~Johnny Parker Stanfield Memorial Scholarship; Philasia Thompson-2018-11th Place $250~Zeta Phi Beta Sorority (Joyce Torrence) Scholarship Award; Madeline Sosa-2018-9th Place $300~Chris & Jesteen Richbourg Scholarship and not pictured Cierra Brock-2017-10th Place $300~George Burton Memorial Scholarship Award was mailed.

2018 Top 4 Winners ~ Tishana Jackson (2nd); Martin Jackson (1st); Jacquez Johnson (4th); and Olivia Jones (3rd). 

Martin G. Jackson 1st Place Winner for 2017 and 2018 MLK Oratorical Contest.

2018 MLK Oratorical Contest - January 13, 2018 ~ 13 Participants

Resurrection of King - Written by Dr. George B. Jackson, Chairman MLK-SAC

2019 MLK Community Service Award Winners

Ms. Deanna D. Geter (Retired P. E. Instructor and Coach, Thomasville High School, Thomasville, NC

Mr. Kevin Leake (Principal, Thomasville Middle School, Thomasville, NC)

Dr. George B. Jackson walk on Selma

We can't just talk about it but we must be about "Social Action for Social Change" - Chairman George B. Jackson, Pamela Jackson, Martin Jackson, and Jacquez Johnson travels to Washington, DC with the North Carolina, NAACP to protest on voter rights and equality.

Martin Jackson, Ben Jealous, and JacQuez Johnson

2017 Top 3 Winners of MLK Oratorical Contest- L - Marlene Martinez - 2nd, Martin G. Jackson - 1st, and Destiny Burton - 3rd place winners.

Congratulations to the 2017 MLK-SAC Oratorical Contest recipients on receiving scholarship awards on Sunday, July 16, 2017 during MLK-SAC Awards Service.

Students (juniors and seniors) participate in the MLK Oratorical contest the 3rd Saturday in January each year.  Seniors received their award monies in a service award ceremony on Sunday, July 16, 2017.

R-L (Elder Pamela S. Jackson, MLK-SAC Dean of Students, Marlene Martinez (will be attending University NC Charlotte, Aug 2017); Jarrell Patterson (will be attending North Carolina State University, Aug 2017); Malcolm Beamon (will be attending North Carolina Central University, Aug 2017), and Minister Jacquez Johnson, the service award speaker).  Award monies was mailed to all students unable to attend. 

2017 MLK Oratorical Contest Participants

2018 MLK Chairman's (Dr. George B. Jackson) Award goes to Deacon Willie Manning

2018 MLK Community Service Award Winners - (L-R) Dr. Michael Blackwell, Ms. Tina Royal, and Dr. George B. Jackson (Chairman) - Top~ Elder Timogi Jackson (Emcee)!